Authors Richter, E. ; Spickenheuer, A. ; Bittrich, L. ; Uhlig, K. ; Heinrich, G.
Title Mechanical design of intersection points of tailored fiber placement made carbon fiber reinforced plastic truss-like structures
Date 18.10.2019
Number 56409
Abstract The presented study emphasizes a favored design for carbon fiber reinforced plastic fiber patterns at intersection points of truss-like structures made with the Tailored Fiber Placement technology. Three different pattern types have been experimentally and numerically analyzed. A straight fiber crossing is the most simple design, but it cannot compete against a fanned out fiber pattern regarding structural stiffness, where fiber spacing increases with increasing crossing distance. A pattern design, where belt and web fiber paths merge, is the most preferred design due to a minimum of material waste, however it exhibits lower stiffness compared to the fanned out pattern.
Publisher Key Engineering Materials
Citation Key Engineering Materials 809 (2019) 452-460

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