Authors Rahman, M. ; Mukherjee, A. ; Kovalev, I. ; Kopchuk, D. ; Zyryanov, G. ; Tsurkan, M. ; Majee, A. ; Ranu, B. ; Charishin, V.N. ; Chupakhin, O. ; Santra, S.
Title Recent advances on diverse decarboxylative reactions of amino acids
Date 14.05.2019
Number 56061
Abstract This review intends to report recent advances on decarboxylative reactions of amino acids catalyzed by transition metals or non–metals and the growing opportunities they present to the construction of complex chemical scaffolds for applications encompassing natural product synthesis, synthetic methodology development, and functional materials. Different decarboxylative reactions have been highlighted such as radical, photoredox and metal and metal–free coupling reactions etc. The review is divided into two main sections: one deals with the reactions via radical pathway and another via azomethine ylide pathway. The reactions have been discussed in more details with particular emphasis on the useful applications and mechanistic illustrations.
Publisher Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis
Citation Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 361 (2019) 2161-2214

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