Authors Vogel, R. ; Gedan-Smolka, M. ; Häußler, L. ; Brünig, H.
Title Evaluation of the crystallization of polypropylene at melt spinning conditions using the green chemical orotic acid as nucleating agent
Date 12.03.2018
Number 53349
Abstract The melt spinning process makes extremely high demands on the melted polymer. It must be able to deform continuously by highest deformation rates. The rheological properties of the melt were also significantly increased during the rapid cooling in the spin-line. The cooling rate of the fiber increases above 1000 K.s-1in dependence on the applied melt spinning conditions. Additionally, for semi crystalline polymers crystallization during the spinning process occurs at typical temperatures. The mechanical properties step up in order of magnitudes immediately. Crystallization is strongly dependent on the cooling rate. Therefore, Flash DSC was used in order to realize real cooling rates for evaluation of crystallization in the spin-line. However, there is still a need to improve or modify the mechanical properties of polypropylene fibers. A common modification is an improvement of the heterogeneous nucleation using a nucleating agent. For example, the green chemical orotic acid was used as appropriate nucleating agent. The nucleating effect was also evaluated at real cooling conditions.
Publisher Advance Research in Textile Engineering
Citation Advance Research in Textile Engineering 3 (2018) ID1023

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