Authors Gedan-Smolka, M. ; Schubert, K. ; Taeger, A. ; Marks, H.
Title Polymeric additives for antistatic treatment of sheet molding composites (SMC)
Date 14.06.2016
Number 50582
Abstract Novel oligomeric/polymeric additives with ionic units were synthesized in a one pot procedure in order to enhance the specific surface resistivity of SMC-materials. In contrast to industrially used inorganic salts or carbon materials, such as carbon black or CNT’s, these substances are nearly colorless and matrix compatible and, resulting from that, easy to homogenize with the SMC-matrix. Furthermore, it was found, that additives which can be covalently bonded to the matrix during the molding procedure are preferred compared to physically mixed substances. The effectiveness of chemically bonded substances regarding with the lowering of the specific surface resistivity is higher and selected additives do not change the reactivity and resulting mechanical properties of the molded material. © 2016 AIP Publishing LLC
Publisher AIP Conference Proceedings
Citation AIP Conference Proceedings 1713 (2016) ArticleID: 140002

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