Authors Ye, C. ; Wang, Y. ; Su, H. ; Yang, P. ; Huang, N. ; Maitz, M.F. ; Zhao, A. S.
Title Construction of a fucoidan/laminin functional multilayer to direction vascular cell fate and promotion hemocompatibility
Date 01.06.2016
Number 49791
Abstract Surface biofunctional modification of cardiovascular stents is a versatile approach to reduce the adverse effects after implantation. In this work, a novel multifunctional coating was fabricated by coimmobilization of the sulfated polysaccharide of brown algae fucoidan and laminin to biomimic the vascular intimal conditions in order to support rapid endothelialization, prevent restenosis and improve hemocompatibility. The surface properties of the coating such as hydrophilicity, bonding density of biomolecules and stability were evaluated and optimized. According to the biocompatibility tests, the fucoidan/laminin multilayer coated surface displayed less platelet adhesion with favorable anticoagulant property. In addition, the fucoidan/laminin complex showed function to selectively regulate vascular cells growth behavior. The proliferation of endothelial cells (ECs) on the fucoidan/laminin biofunctional coating was significantly promoted. For the smooth muscle cells (SMCs), inhibitory effects on cell adhesion and proliferation were observed. In conclusion, the fucoidan/laminin biofunctional coating was successfully fabricated with desirable anticoagulant and endothelialization properties which show a promising application in the vascular devices such as vascular stents or grafts surface modification.
Publisher Materials Science and Engineering C
Citation Materials Science and Engineering C 64 (2016) 236-242
Tags fucoidan laminin anticoagulation cardiovascular implants endothelial cells smooth muscle cells

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