Authors Xie, D. ; Wan, G. ; Maitz, M.F. ; Sun, H. ; Huang, N.
Title Deformation and corrosion behaviors of Ti-O film deposited 316L stainless steel by plasma immersion ion implantation and deposition
Date 18.01.2013
Abstract Mechanical and chemical durability is of equal importance as bio-functionality for surface-modifying films on biomedical devices. This is in particular true for those serving on combined conditions of loading and a corrosive ambient. In this work, we investigated the deformation and corrosion behaviors of Ti–O films coated onto 316L stainless steel aimed for cardiovascular stent applications. The Ti–O films were synthesized by plasma immersion ion implantation and deposition (PIII&D), and the investigation conditions were as required for cardiovascular stents concerning plastic deformation and corrosion. Tensile and three point bending tests showed that no peeling and delaminating occurred on the Ti–O film which had undergone relatively high plastic deformation (4% to16% elongation). Electrochemical corrosion tests showed that the deformed PIII&D Ti–O film coated 316L SS suffered more severe corrosion in simulated body fluid (SBF) than the non-deformed, but remained comparable to uncoated 316L SS, which is clinically acceptable for stents. Due to the good mechanical and chemical durability as well as biomedical functionalities, the PIII&D Ti–O films appear promising as surface-modification of cardiovascular stents in real applications.
Journal Surface & Coatings Technology 214 (2013) 117-123

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