Authors Mondal, M. ; Gohs, U. ; Wagenknecht, U. ; Heinrich, G.
Title Polypropylene/natural rubber thermoplastic vulcanizates by eco-friendly and sustainable electron induced reactive proecessing
Date 21.05.2013
Number 33324
Abstract TPVs are a special class of thermoplastic and elastomer blend where cross-linking of elastomeric phase takes place during melt mixing process known as dynamic vulcanization (DV). A 50/50 blend of natural rubber (NR) and polypropylene (PP) were dynamically vulcanized using Electron Induced Reactive Processing (EIReP) as a function of absorbed dose (150, 250, and 350 kGy) at fixed electron energy (1.5 MeV) and dose per rotation. Different methods like tensile test, DSC, melt rheology, and SEM have been employed to understand the structure–property relationship of the prepared samples. The results suggest that EIReP is a novel technique to offer handful of additional features without compromising the end user property.
Publisher Radiation Physics and Chemistry
Citation Radiation Physics and Chemistry 88 (2013) 74-81

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