Authors Müller, Y. ; Tot, I. ; Potthast, A. ; Rosenau, T. ; Zimmermann, R. ; Eichhorn, K.-J. ; Nitschke, C. ; Scherr, G. ; Freudenberg, U. ; Werner, C.
Title The impact of esterification reactions on physical properties of cellulose thin films
Date 10.08.2010
Number 23444
Abstract Carboxylic acid groups introduced in cellulose by various oxidative pre-treatments (purification, dissolution) can massively influence materials' properties motivating research on counteracting conversion schemes. We used cellulose thin films to unravel the patterns of different intra- and intermolecular esterification reactions. The impact of the formation of ester bonds on the charging and swelling was studied by streaming potential/streaming current measurements and in situ ellipsometry. Methylation was found to result in a slightly reduced swelling and ion conductivity of the cellulose layers. Self-esterification reactions caused higher degrees of conversion of the carboxylic acid functionalities producing a dramatically altered swelling and ion conductivity pattern. “Carbodiimide-activated” induced self-esterification was found to be more efficient than any thermally induced conversion. Together, our study quantitatively shows the potential of self-esterification protocols for the modulation of performance-related characteristics of cellulose materials.
Publisher Soft Matter
Citation Soft Matter 6 (2010) 3680-3684

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