Authors Sebinger, D. ; Davies, J. A. ; Unbekandt, M. ; Ganeva, V. ; Ofenbauer, A. ; Werner, C.
Title A novel, low-volume method for organ culture of embryonic kidneys that allows development of cortico-medullary anatomical organization
Date 17.05.2010
Number 23124
Abstract Here, we present a novel method for culturing kidneys in low volumes of medium that offers more organotypic development compared to conventional methods. Organ culture is a powerful technique for studying renal development. It recapitulates many aspects of early development very well, but the established techniques have some disadvantages: in particular, they require relatively large volumes (1–3 mls) of culture medium, which can make high-throughput screens expensive, they require porous (filter) substrates which are difficult to modify chemically, and the organs produced do not achieve good cortico-medullary zonation. Here, we present a technique of growing kidney rudiments in very low volumes of medium–around 85 microliters–using silicone chambers. In this system, kidneys grow directly on glass, grow larger than in conventional culture and develop a clear anatomical cortico-medullary zonation with extended loops of Henle.
Publisher PLoS one [Elektronische Ressource]
Citation PLoS one [Elektronische Ressource] 5 (2010) e10550

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