Authors Pompe, T. ; Werner, C.
Title Physicochemical modulation of immobilised extracellular matrix
Molecular Interfacial Phenomena of Polymers and Biopolymers, Pu Chen, ed.
Date 30.09.2005
Number 13497
Abstract One of the most exciting areas of polymer research is the study of interfacial phenomena and their practical applications. This major work reviews the key research in this important area and is used in such areas as biomaterials. <br /><br />Part One looks at the thermodynamics, kinetics and other fundamental properties of polymer surfaces and interfaces. The second part of the book reviews ways of characterising and manipulating interfacial phenomena. It includes examples of practical applications such as vaccine delivery, tissue engineering and the development of therapeutic lung surfactants. <br /><br />With its distinguished editor and international team of contributors, Molecular interfacial phenomena of polymers and biopolymers is a standard work on understanding polymeric interfacial properties and their medical and other practical applications. <br /><br />PART 2 CHARACTERISATION, MANIPULATION AND APPLICATIONS<br />Chapter 5: Physicochemical modulation of immobilised extracellular matrix<br /> - Introduction<br /> - Biosurface engineering to fine-tune interfacial parameters of biomaterials<br /> - Immobilisation of ECM onto artificial surfaces<br /> - Cellular reorganisation of extracellular matrix<br /> - Functional characteristics of endothelial cells can be switched by the anchorage of surface-bound extracellular matrix<br /> - Conclusion<br /> - References <br /><br />ISBN 1-85573-928-3
Publisher Woodhead Publishing Limited
Citation Woodhead Publishing Limited (2005) 475-509

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