Authors Pompe, T. ; Keller, K. ; Mitdank, C. ; Werner, C.
Title Fibronectin Fibril Pattern Displays the Force Balance of Cell-Matrix Adhesion
Date 24.11.2005
Number 13348
Abstract Formation of fibrillar patterns of fibronectin on polymer substrates with gradated physicochemical surface properties was analysed during early stages of endothelial cell adhesion. Fibronectin was pre-adsorbed onto three maleic anhydride copolymer thin films with distinct differences in the protein adsorption strength as verified by heteroexchange experiments. The evolved micrometer scale fibrillar patterns of fibronectin on the compared polymer surfaces were characterized after 50 min of cellular reorganization by an auto-correlation analysis using fluorescence microscopy data. Statistical analysis revealed a decrease of the typical spacings of the fibronectin fibrils from 2.6 to 1.8 mgrm with decreasing fibronectin adsorption strength to the substrate. Size and density of focal adhesions correlated with this dependence of the fibronectin fibril pattern. From these data a model was developed relating the fibronectin fibril pattern to the fibronectin-substrate adsorption strength through the cytoskeletal force regulation mechanism of the cell.
Publisher European Biophysics Journal
Citation European Biophysics Journal 34 (2005) 1049-1056

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