Authors Schmaljohann, D. ; Nitschke, M. ; Schulze, R. ; Werner, C. ; Eichhorn, K.-J.
Title Patterning of stimuli-responsive hydrogels
Date 14.12.2004
Number 12805
Abstract A thermo-responsive hydrogel based on a poly(NiPAAm-co-PEGMA) precursor has been successfully immobilized and patterned using low-pressure Ar plasma treatment. Patterning was achieved with a photolithographic procedure leaving a negative-tone patterned hydrogel. The pattern remains after swelling and collapsing upon changes in the temperature, which has been demonstrated by imaging ellipsometry. Since this material has also been demonstrated to show a temperature-induced change in cell adhesion and detachment behavior, it can be utilized in smart cell culture carrier with different substrate chemistry in a lateral resolution reflecting the dimensions of the cells (micrometer range).<br /><br />6th International Biorelated Polymers Symposium<br />The 228th ACS National Meeting, in Philadelphia, PA, August 22-26, 2004
Publisher Polymer Preprints
Citation Polymer Preprints 45 (2004) 380-381

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