Authors Freudenberg, U. ; Zschoche, St. ; Simon, F. ; Janke, A. ; Schmidt, K. ; Behrens, S.-H. ; Auweter, H. ; Werner, C.
Title Covalent Immobilization of Cellulose Layers onto Maleic Anhydride Copolymer Thin Films
Date 30.06.2005
Number 12778
Abstract Thin films of cellulose are advantageous for analytical studies in aqueous environments to investigate variousfactors determining the performance of cellulose-based products. However, the weak fixation of celluloselayers on common carrier materials often limits this approach. To address this problem, we suggest a novelmaleic anhydride copolymer precoating technique which allows for the covalent attachment of cellulosethin films through esterification. Maleic anhydride copolymers were deposited and covalently bound ontoplanar, aminosilane-modified glass or silicon oxide surfaces. Cellulose was subsequently immobilized ontop of the copolymer precoatings by spin coating from <I>N</I>-methylmorpholine-<I>N</I>-oxide/dimethyl sulfoxidesolutions. The resulting cellulose films were thoroughly characterized with respect to layer thickness,morphology, chemical constitution, and electrical charging. The stability of the layers against shear stresswas demonstrated in aqueous solutions and the covalent attachment of the cellulose to the copolymer filmswas proven by means of dissolution experiments followed by ellipsometry and high-resolution X-rayphotoelectron <br />spectroscopy.
Publisher Biomacromolecules
Citation Biomacromolecules 6 (2005) 1628-1634
Tags ultrathin films model surfaces fibers polypropylene composites cotton waste acid

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