Authors Schweiß, R. ; Welzel, P. ; Knoll, W. ; Werner, C.
Title Assembly modulates dissociation: electrokinetic experiments reveal peculiarities of the charge formation at monolayer films
Date 24.01.2005
Number 12522
Abstract Self-assembled monomolecular films of alkanethiols chemisorbed on gold were used as a two-dimensional model system to study the effects of spatial confinement of surface functional groups on their acid–base behaviour; reduction of the surface charge density by mixed assemblies revealed an increase of the acidity of carboxy groups; surfaces with low amounts of charged groups show the interplay of dissociation of functional groups and preferential adsorption of ions in terms of surface charge formation.
Publisher Chemical Communications
Wikidata Q45277341
Citation Chemical Communications (2005) 256-258
Tags chemical force microscopy functional-groups phase-separation surface pk(a) polymer-films gold adsorption ions penetration potentials

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