Authors Kondyurin, A.V. ; Romanova, V.A. ; Begishev, V.P. ; Kondyurina, I. ; Guenzel, R. ; Maitz, M.F.
Title Crosslinked Polyurethane Coating on Vascular Stents for Enhanced X-ray Contrast
Date 20.04.2006
Number 11920
Abstract A coating of polyurethaneurea was made from a solution on the surface of metal stents. The influence of cleaning, etching, chemical and ion beam modification (plasma immersion ion implantation) of the metal surface on the adhesion strength of the polyurethaneurea was analysed. Polyurethaneurea films imbedded with tantalum particles as a radiopaque filler maintained their strength and elasticity and produced clear X-ray contrast images of vascular stents.
Publisher Journal of Bioactive and Compatible Polymers
Citation Journal of Bioactive and Compatible Polymers 20 (2006) 77-93

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