Authors Theis, A. ; Ritter, H. ; Böhme, F. ; Klinger, Ch. ; Mittler, S. ; Menges, B.
Title Photosensitive Mesoionic Main-Chain Polymers: Synthesis and Anisotropic Changes of the Refractive Index on Irradiation of Spin-coated Films
Date 17.06.2002
Number 10127
Abstract A polymeric amidine prepared by melt condensation was converted to a photosensitive polymesoion by a polymer analogous condensation reaction with methylmalonic acid. The polymeric mesoion was characterized by NMR, IR, and UV spectroscopies; SEC; and DSC. For investigation of optical properties, spin-coated films were prepared and analyzed by waveguide spectroscopy. It was found that the refractive index shows anisotropic changes and that the film thickness was reduced upon irradiation as a result of conversion to a poly-bis(-lactame) structure.
Publisher Chemistry of Materials
Citation Chemistry of Materials 14 (2002) 2109-2112

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