The following companies were hived off by (former) employees for the commercial exploitation of the research results of the IPF:

Complex Fiber Structures GmbH

The company Complex Fiber Structures GmbH develops software solutions for the simulation and process optimisation of variable-axial composite structures as can be manufactured e.g. with help of the Tailored Fiber Placement technology.

(Established in 2013)

perfluorence GmbH

Perfluorence offers high-performance plastics and lubricants.

(Established in 2013)

Qpoint Composite GmbH

The company develops and produces innovative heatable composite components. The integrating of carbon fiber heating structures in molding tools or components led to new fields of application. Customers are thus able to save energy, time and costs particularly in the field of production technology. The application also ranges from textile heating structures to de-icing structures on aircrafts.

(Established in 2009)


The company provides its customers with equipment technology, consulting and analysis services in the field of characterization of material interfaces. The company focuses on charge formation processes on surfaces.

(Established in 2006)


Hightex Verstärkungsstrukturen GmbH Dresden

Development of custom-made reinforcement structures (preforms) which withstand the stresses and loads for very light-weight and high-rigid and high-tensile fiber-reinforced components as well as processing those components into duplicate parts by means of injection of duromers.

(Established in 1998)