Research Group Complex Structural Components

Fields of work

For extreme lightweight applications and fiber-plastic composites with graded properties in the reinforcing fibers and matrix materials, the working group researches and develops theoretical methods and generative manufacturing processes in an interdisciplinary research approach. The Tailored Fiber Placement (TFP) technology developed at the IPF is primarily used for the realization of innovative lightweight components. 


  • Development of new design and optimization methods for variable-axial composite
  • Optimization of variable-axial composite parts for strength and stiffness 
  • Manufacturing of composite prototype parts with thermoset and thermoplastic matrix materials
  • Development and application of generative manufactured Mulit-Matrix Composites (MMC)

Members of the Workgroup

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel SpickenheuerHead of workgroup
Jonathan AndräPhD candidate
Cristiano Baierle de AzevedoGuest scientist
Dr.-Ing. Ricardo Bernhardt Scientific staff member
Sascha BrukPhD candidate
Dr. Tales de Vargas LisbôaScientific staff member
Simon KonzePhD candidate
Moritz Kurkowski PhD candidate
Matheus Madrid MoreiraGuest scientist
Marie MokbelTechnician 
Emanuel RichterPhD candidate
Nicole SchmidtTechnician 
Dr. Eduardo Antonio Wink de Menezes Guest scientist
Cameron WelkerPhD candidate

Exampless: TFP preforms, composite parts and textile implants