12th IPF Colloquium

Multifunctional Polymeric Materials: From functional nanofillers to bio-inspired materials and smart surfaces

Dresden, November 10, 2016

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The Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e. V. and its Association of Supporters invite you to the
12th IPF Colloquium.

IPF Colloquia have been held since 1994 to highlight fields the institute is engaged in. Presentations of latest results of IPF researchers and of guests from other institutes and industry are discussed and form the basis for verification of the institute’s position in the field, for intensified scientific exchange, and new collaborations.

The 12th IPF Colloquium is featuring some areas in which the IPF has established particularly close connections with research groups abroad through appointment of IPF Fellows. Seven IPF fellows have been appointed since 2014: Sergei Egorov (Charlottesville, VA, Virginia, USA), Leonid Ionov (Atlanta, GA, USA), Hossein Khonakdar (Tehran, Iran), Barbara Klajnert-Maculewicz (Lodz, Poland), Matthias Schubert (Lincoln, NE, USA), Philipp Seib (Strathclyde, UK), and De-Yi Wang (Madrid, Spain). Four of them are going to present their work in this colloquium. In addition, nicely fitting talks of external speakers, further partners, and IPF collaborators are integrated into the program The sequence of lectures is concluded by the presentation of Eduard Arzt (Saarbrücken) who had been invited for a colloquium by the Ortsverband Dresden of the GDCh, and whose talk, after the initially incidental coincidence of dates, will nicely round up the program of the 12th IPF Colloquium on Multifunctional Polymeric Materials: From functional nanofillers to bioinspired materials and smart surfaces.

A limited number of posters will add some more interesting contributions to display results and inspire discussion.