PD Dr. Marina Grenzer

• Photo- and magneto-sensitive polymer materials
• Filled polymers

Marina Grenzer

Dr. Olga Guskova

• Conjugated polymers
• Atomistic/Ab-initio models

Olga Guskova

Dr. Holger Merlitz

• Polymers at interfaces
• Active particles
• MD methods

Holger Merlitz

Dr. Tyler S. Harmon

• Thermodynamically driven droplets
• Chemically active droplets

Tyler S. Harmon

Dr. Michael Lang

• Networks and gels
• Dynamics
• MC methods

Michael Lang

Prof. Dr. Abhinav Sharma

• Active soft matter
• Non-equilibrium statistical physics

Abhinav Sharma

Dr. Marco Werner

• Amphiphilic bilayers
• Machine learning
• MC methods

Marco Werner

Prof. Dr. Arash Nikoubashman

  • Structure and dynamics of (bio)polymers
  • Directed assembly of soft matter & soft matter inconfinement
  • Development of multiscale methods and machine learning
Arash Nikoubashman