Dynamics and transport in polymer systems

Cluster Speaker:

Petr Formanek, Uwe Lappan

What we do...

The cluster deals with polymer dynamics at interfaces and in external fields and with transport phenomena of (not only) polymers in confined geometries as e.g. on surfaces and in porous media. We focus on fundamental understanding but we are also dealing with application-inspired questions that are crucial for solving current challenges related to polymer physics in the field of sustainability and environmental protection.

Our profile building activities comprise:

  • Interaction between transport and wetting processes 
  • Dynamic wetting of flexible, adaptive and switchable surfaces 
  • Mechanisms of adhesion 
  • Dynamics of polyelectrolytes in solutions, complexes and multilayers 
  • Charge-compensation and packing effects 
  • Transport and mixing in energy storage systems (e.g. phase-change materials) 
  • Polymer dynamics in external fields

The cluster combines a broad spectrum of complementary techniques at a high competence level and long-term experience applied to physico-chemical investigation of materials on length scales ranging from nanometers to millimeters, particularly at or near surfaces and interfaces.

Groups involved in this Cluster are...