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Dr. Petr Formánek

Center for Multi-Scale Characterization
+49 351 4658 777 / 691 / 695

Researcher-ID: H-2553-2013

Memeber of Electron Microscopy Group

Fields of work

Transmission electron microscopy (TEM, cryo-TEM), focused ion beam (FIB), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), elemental mapping at nanoscale (EFTEM, EELS, EDX) applied to organic solar cells and transistors, Li-S batteries, block-copolymers, nanoparticles, nanocomposites, polymersomes.

Elaborate service measurements for IPF, training of PhD students in TEM (whole IPF) and SEM (Institute of Physical Chemistry and Polymer Physics only).


Petition of scientists to apply sanctions against russian universities and institutes that openly support war of russian state in Ukraine.

News Solidarity with Ukraine! 18.05.2022

Petition von Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftlern zur Sanktionierung von russischen Universitäten und Institutionen, die den Krieg ihres Staates gegen die Ukraine explizit unterstützen.

News Solidarität mit der Ukraine! 18.05.2022