X-Ray Diffractometry

X-Ray Diffractometer D8 DISCOVER A25 
(BRUKER-axs, Karlsruhe)

  • different monochromatization and collimation tools (line- and point-focused),
  • sample holding devices for transmission and reflection experiments,
  • 1- and 2-dimensional detectors,
  • SAXS tool,
  • temperature unit (-100 … +350 °C)



2-Circle Diffractometer XRD 3003 T/T
(GE Sensing  & Inspection Technologies / Seifert-FPM, Freiberg)

  • reflectometry equipment,
  • crystal and multilayer monochromators,
  • temperature chamber XRK (Anton Paar, Graz / Austria)



KRATKY compact camera KCE/2SE

  • linear detector PSD-50m (M. BRAUN, Garching),
  • temperature equipment up to 300 °C (own construction)




Ellipsometer SE 402
Sentech Instruments GmbH, Berlin

The ellipsometer delivers information about the surface modification (thickness) of substrates

  • red He-Ne laser with a wavelength 632.8 nm is used
  • incident angle of the laser measures at 70°
  • After the sample surface is reached, the reflected light passes through the analyzer and drops onto a photo multiplier, which operates as a detector
  • The control of the ellipsometer and the data evaluation requires special software

For further information please contact:
Alexander Münch

Contact Angle Measuring

Contact Angle Measuring Equipment OCA 40 Micro
Dataphysics, Filderstadt, Germany

Fully automated measuring instru­ment for the analysis of the wetting behaviour of microscopic and macroscopic structure.

  • Measuring lens with 55-fold zoom (optional 137.5-fold) and software controlled, motorized, focus and adjustment of the observation angle
  • Software controlled dosing needle/ head positioning
  • Temperature control / measurement

For further information please contact:
Alexander Münch

Fluorescence Microscopy

Fluorescence Microscope Axio Imager.A1m
(Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH)

  • microscopy in reflection mode as well as standard light microscopy,
  • Mercury short arc lamp for fluorescence microscopy; Halogen lamps for light microscopy
  • SPOT Insight camera and single photon sensitive camera (CASCADE II 512) for low intensity fluorescence signals and monitoring of fast processes,
  • LTS 350 heating / freezing stage,
  • objectives: 5x, 10x Epiplan HD; 20x, 50x, 100x LD-EC Epiplan-Neofluar HD DIC

For further information please contact:
Alexander Münch

Plasma Chamber

Plasma Chamber

Oxygen plasma for hydrophilisation of surfaces.

For further information please contact:
Michael Göbel


Sputter Coater SCD500

Sputtering of Pt, Si, Cr, W
Carbon Thread Evaporation
Plasma Etching
Cryo-Transfer System for Sputtering with Platinum
Quarz for sputtered layer thickness monitoring

For further information please contact:
Michael Göbel

Sputter Coater SCD050

Sputtering of gold layers

For further information please contact:
Andreas Janke

Dip Coater

The Dip Coater is another option to dispose thin films on substrates.

  • variable dipping speed

For further information please contact:
René Winkler

Spin Coater Spin 150i

The Spin Coater is used to dispose thin films on different substrates (Si-Wafer, glass,...)

  • Programmable
  • max. 12.000 rpm

For further information please contact:
Sebastian Rauch

Climate Chamber

Climate chamber Type WK3-1000/70
Weiss Umwelttechnik GmbH/ Simulationsanlagen Messtechnik

  • Accurate temperature  and climate conditions to regulated air flow are ensured
  • Special program/software for the analysis of the measuring data is available
  • Tele-control via Intranet or Internet is possible
  • Aditional setup for Ice-adhesion measurement (Measurement of the adhesion force of an ice droplet by  using the radial force applied by a spin coater)
  • Additional setup for Frost-formation measurement (Determination of frost layer thickness by focus point shifts)

For further information please contact:
René Winkler



Electrochemical Analysis

Potentiostat/ Galvanostat PGSTAT 100
Metrohm Autolab

Current: Maximum output current: ± 250 mA, Range: 10 nA – 100 mA, Accuracy: ±0.2 % of current + 0.2 % of current range)
Voltage: Maximum output voltage: ± 100 V, Range: ± 10 V, Accuracy: ± 0.2 % of setting/ ± 2 mV
Size: 520 mm (L) x 400 mm (W) x 166 mm (H)

PGSTAT100 is a modular high voltage potentiostat/galvanostat, especially suited for experimetns with low conductivity. Different electrochemical techniques can be used, e.g. standard cyclic voltammetry, AC voltammetry and constant current potentiostatic stripping analysis.

For further information please contact:
Olga Grätz