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Zhandarov, S. ; Mäder, E.
Increase in the molecular component of the adhesive pressure in polymer composites induced by electric charge

The effect of electric charge, present at a glass fiber-polymer interface during the composite material formation, on the adhesive pressure between the components was studied. Additional electric charge was delivered to the interface by means of the deposition of charged polymer particles onto the fiber surface from a fluidized bed in an electric field. The adhesive pressure was calculated using the results of the variational mechanics analysis by Scheer and Nairn from the data obtained with a single fiber microbond test. Our experiments showed that the adhesive pressure increased by 15-20% in the case of charged polymer matrices. This can be attributed to both intensification of van der Waals forces due to extra interfacial pressure and, for polar polymers, the increase of the surface concentration of local adhesive bonds. The mechanical and kinetic models have been proposed to describe the observed behavior of the adhesive pressure; theoretical curves for the adhesive pressure as a function of the time and temperature of the contact formation, including the effect of electric factors, have been obtained. From the kinetic model, the activation energies for the process of adhesive contact formation were determined. The effect of acceleration of adhesive bonding in the presence of electric charge can be explained in terms of a decrease of the activation energy for local bond formation in an electric field.

Composite Interfaces 13, 865-897


December 2006
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