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23.06.2023 Cover published in Nature

A springtail (Tetrodontophora bielanensis) in its natural habitat is featured as cover in Nature. Link to the cover image on the journal's homepage. more »

03.05.2023 Paper “Analysis of the binding of cytokines to highly charged polymer networks’’ published

The new paper Analysis of the binding of cytokines to highly charged polymer networks by Uwe Freudenberg, Passant Atallah, Jens-Uwe Sommer, Carsten Werner and Matthias Ballauff presents a model for how biological … more »

23.02.2023 Paper "Biomaterial-based platforms for tumour tissue engineering" published

The new paper Biomaterial-based platforms for tumour tissue engineering by Rodrigo Curvello, Verena Kast, Paloma Ordónez-Morán, Alvaro Mata and Daniela Loessner was published in Nature Reviews Materials. Biology can … more »

28.10.2022 BestMasters-Ausgabe: Diffusion under the Effect of Lorentz Force (Erik Kalz)

In der Serie "BestMasters" stellt der Springer-Verlag die besten Masterarbeiten auf den Gebieten Naturwissenschaften, Psychologie, Technik und Wirtschaftswissenschaften vor, die an renommierten Hochschulen in … more »


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