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Publications Dr. Stefan Gramm

1.Nitschke, M.; Gramm, S.
Preparation and analysis of switchable copolymers for biomedical application more
in: Switchable and Responsive Surfaces and Materials for Biomedical Applications, Zhang, J., ed. (Woodhead Publishing 2015) 1st ed., Chapter 6, 147-164
2.Duryagina, R.; Anastassiadis, K.; Maitz, M.F.; Gramm, S.; Schneider, S.; Wobus, M.; Thieme, S.; Brenner, S.; Werner, C.; Bornhäuser, M.
Cellular reporter systems for high-throughput-screening of interactions between bioactive matrices and human mesenchymal stromal cells more
Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods 20 (2014) 828-837
3.Teichmann, J.; Valtink, M.; Nitschke, M.; Gramm, S.; Funk, R.; Engelmann, K.; Werner, C.
Tissue engineering of the corneal endothelium: a review of carrier materials more
Journal of Functional Biomaterials 4 (2013) 178-208
4.Teichmann, J.; Valtink, M.; Gramm, S.; Nitschke, M.; Werner, C.; Funk, R.H.W.; Engelmann, K.
Human corneal endothelial cell sheets for transplantation: thermo-responsive cell culture carriers to meet cell-specific requirements more
Acta Biomaterialia 9 (2013) 5031-5039
5.Nitschke, M.; Ricciardi, S.; Gramm, S.; Zschoche, St.; Herklotz, M.; Rivolo, P.; Werner, C.
Surface modification of cell culture carriers: Routes to anhydride functionalization of polystyrene more
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 90 (2012) 41-47
6.Gramm, S.; Teichmann, J.; Nitschke, M.; Gohs, U.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Werner, C.
Electron beam immobilization of functionalized poly(vinyl methyl ether) thin films on polymer surfaces - Towards stimuli responsive coatings for biomedical purposes more
eXPRESS Polymer Letters 5 (2011) 970-976
7.Voit, B.; Gramm, S.; Steinert, V.; Werner, C.; Zschoche, St.
Biokompatible und bioaktive polymere Beschichtungen: Modifizierungmethoden für die Grenzflächen more
Vakuum in Forschung und Praxis 23 (2011) 29-33
8.Cordeiro, A. L.; Zimmermann, R.; Gramm, S.; Nitschke, M.; Janke, A.; Schäfer, N.; Grundke, K.; Werner, C.
Temperature dependent physicochemical properties of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-N-(1-phenylethyl) acrylamide) thin films more
Soft Matter 5 (2009) 1367-1377
9.Götze, T.; Valtink, M.; Nitschke, M.; Gramm, S.; Hanke, T.; Engelmann, K.; Werner, C.
Cultivation of an immortalized human corneal endothelial cell population and two distinct clonal subpopulations on thermo-responsive carriers more
Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology 246 (2008) 1575-1583
10.Voit, B.; Gramm, S.; Özyürek, Z.; Werner, C.
Control of cell adhesion and release by thermoresponsive PEG and glyco copolymer films more
Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering 98 (2008) 720-721
11.Nitschke, M.; Götze, T.; Gramm, S.; Werner, C.
Detachment of human endothelial cell sheets from thermo-responsive poly(NiPAAm-co-DEGMA) carriers more
eXPRESS Polymer Letters 1 (2007) 660-666
12.Voit, B.; Werner, C.; Schmaljohann, D.; Gramm, S.; Nitschke, M.
Stimuli-responsive polymer layers for advanced cell culture technologies more
International Journal of Materials Research 98 (2007) 646-650
13.Özyürek, Z.; Komber, H.; Gramm, S.; Werner, G.; Nitschke, M.; Voit, B.
Thermoresponsive glycopolymers via controlled radical polymerization (raft) for biomolecular recognition more
Macromolecular Reaction Engineering 1 (2007) F34-F36
14.Nitschke, M.; Gramm, S.; Götze, T.; Valtink, M.; Drichel, J.; Voit, B.; Engelmann, U.; Werner, C.
Thermo-responsive poly(NiPAAm-co-DEGMA) substrates for gentle harvest of human corneal endothelial cell sheets more
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research 80A (2007) 1003-1010
15.Voit, B.; Baier, A.; Gramm, S.; Nitschke, M.; Rueda-Sanchez, J. C.; Schmaljohann, D.; Steinert, V.; Werner, C.; Zschoche, St.
Hydrophilic, amphiphilic and thermo-responsive gels synthesized for biomedical applications more
e-Polymers : (2006) 8 pages
16.Schmaljohann, D.; Gramm, S.
Novel Polymers and Hydrogels Based on N-Alkyl Acrylamides and Poly(ethylenglycol) more
Polymer Preprints 43 (2002) 758-759
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