Numerik und Computersimulationen in der weichen kondensierten Materie

Responsible: Prof. Jens-Uwe Sommer
Hours per week (2 + 2)
Language: English

Materials: Exercises and Scripts

Part 1. Monte-Carlo Methods (Dr. Werner)

  • Simple & importance sampling
  • Markov chains, detailed balance & Metropolis algorithm
  • Random walks and diffusion
  • Molecules with excluded volume and the „blob“ concept
  • Monte Carlo in various ensembles
  • Methods for estimating free energies

Part 2. Machine Learning Methods (Dr. Werner)

  • Regression and classification
  • Artificial neural networks
  • Recurrent and convolutional networks
  • Autoencoders

Part 3. Molecular dynamics (MD) simulation (Dr. Merlitz)

  • Classical mechanics
  • Time integration schemes
  • Typical softmatter models
  • Thermo- and barostats
  • Averaged properties
  • Time-correlation functions
  • Transport coefficients
  • Brownian dynamics

Recommended literature:

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