Dr. Simona Schwarz

Dr. Simona Schwarz

RG Polyelectrolytes for Environmental Protection

Department of Functional Colloidal Materials
+49 351 4658 333 +49 351 4658 231

Fields of work

  • Electrokinetic measurements (streaming potential, electrophoresis)
  • Characterization of solid/liquid interactions
  • Adsorption processes
  • Surface modification
  • Polyelectrolytes, surfactants
  • Polyelectrolyte multilayers
  • Colloid stability
  • Latices, oxide or pigment dispersions
  • Improvement of the dispersion (formulation) stability by innovative and environmentally friendly materials (tailor-made polyelectrolyt complex nano-particles)
  • Particle characterization (charge, size, shape and morphology)
  • Preparation of stable, highly concentrated (nano)particle containing dispersions
  • Detailed investigation of demixing processes in the presence of polyelectrolytes, epecially the separation of organic wastes such as dyes, acrylates or oils
  • Sticky removal with natural based polymers - Highly cationic and hydrophobic types compared with unmodified ones
  • Comparison between synthetic and natural polyelectrolytes (modified starch, chitosan)


• Prof. Großmann, TU Dresden
• Dr. Lieske, IAP Golm
Prof. Laschewsky, IAP Golm
• Dr. Bohrisch, Dr. Paulke, IAP Golm
• Prof. Heinze, Dr. Petzold, Uni Jena
• Dr. Dragan, Dr. Mihai, Institut Petru Poni, IASI, Rumänien
• Dr. Bratskaya, Vladivostok, Russland
• Prof. Licea, Tijuana, Mexiko
• Dr. Möbus, DAW, Oberrammstadt
• Prof. Lerche, Lum GmbH, Berlin
• Dr. Nitzsche, Ing. Büro Malvern Mütek, Kirschau
Prof. Heppe, BioLog Heppe GmbH, Landsberg