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Dr. Eva Bittrich

Center Macromolecular Structure Analysis
+49 351 4658 256 +45 351 4658 284

Research interests

Smart biointerfaces

  • In-situ ellipsometry in aqueous solutions for the study of swelling and adhesion behavior of polymer brushes and thin hydrogel films
  • Tailoring of multi-responsive surfaces
  • Antifouling

Morphology of thin films for organic solar cells

  •   Anisotropy and molecular orientation
  •   Nanophase separation
  •   Optical properties

X-ray and IR methods on thin films:

  • X-ray: GIWAXS, XRR, XRD
  • IR: IRRAS, Multi-reflection ATR-FTIR




Current project

EFRE: Erforschung von Technologien zur effizienten Dünnschichtverkapselung flexibler elektronischer Bauelemente (TFE40PV)

Teilprojekt: Charakterisierung von Grenzflächenprozessen in neuartigen Verbunden zur Dünnschichtverkapselung

8/2019 - 10/2022

Past projects

BMBF: Bioinspired molecular self-assembly of donor-acceptor networks of organic solar cells (InspirA)

Subproject: Intermolecular interaction, molecular ordering and nanophase separation in thin films for OPV 8/2017 - 4/2020

Partners: Heliatek GmbH, SYNTHON Chemicals GmbH & CoKG, University Jena