13th IPF Colloquium

Smart Polymer Systems

November 22, 2018

Development of smart systems is a major challenge in many fields of technology. Materials research is indispensible in this respect providing fundamentals and opening up new promising paths to future systems.
In the colloquium, both scientists from the IPF and renowned colleagues from outside give an overview of their activities in the field and report on latest approaches and findings - ranging from multifunctional and responsive materials, self-assembly and bioinspired systems, towards theoretical investigations and the  development of systems for specific applications e.g. in electronics, microsystems and medicine/bioengineering. The lectures as well a number of posters shall inspire discussions and give impetus to future research in this interdisciplinary field.

IPF Colloquia have been held since 1994 to highlight fields the institute is engaged in. They are a platform to verify the institute’s position in the field, and to intensify scientific exchange and stimulate new collaborations. The colloquia are supported by the Association of Supporters of the IPF.

You can download the invitation and program here.