Excessive inflammation stops wounds from healing!

In chronic and burn wounds, prolonged excessive inflammation hinders the healing process by driving a constant influx of immune cells into the wound.

This, in turn, fuels further secretion of inflammatory cytokines and invasion of immune cells, causing tissue damage. Unfortunately, there are currently no available causative treatments for this excessive inflammation.

For patients chronic wounds have profound consequences, leading to prolonged pain, restricted mobility, social stigma, and in severe cases limb amputation. Moreover, the healthcare ecosystem bears the burden of tremendous costs due to the ineffective and costly treatment required over months.

Solution: ResCure® technology to treat inflammatory skin diseases

Our customized polymer networks effectively bind and neutralize inflammatory cytokines through charge-based interactions, offering a solution for the resolution of the excessive inflammation. In collaboration with experienced wound nurses and medical doctors, we developed ResCure® Dressing, a wound contact layer with the unique ability to resolve inflammation by sequestering pro-inflammatory cytokines. Preclinical proof-of-concept studies in chronic wound models have demonstrated that ResCure® Dressing outperforms the clinical gold standards, Promogran1 and Adaptic2, by promoting up to 50% faster wound healing.

Our first-in-class technology represents a unique selling proposition (USP) as it offers the first drug-free technology for the resolution of inflammation. This breakthrough innovation allows for faster healing and shorter treatment times in wound treatment, ultimately leading to an improved quality of life for patients and reduced costs within the healthcare ecosystem. Additionally, our intellectual property (IP) and trademark protection ensure the exclusivity and value of this pioneering solution.

ResCure® will change the way we treat inflammation in chronic wounds and many other diseases caused by excessive inflammation with its first-in-class approach for drug-free resolution of inflammation.

ResCure® - Resolve inflammation, enable healing

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