From rational design of hybrid materials to applications in sensing, (opto)electronics and energy

Cluster Speaker:

Ilka Hermes, Christian Rossner

What we do...

Rational design of macromolecular and colloidal building blocks allows tailoring functional, e.g., optical and electronic properties of produced nanohybrid materials on-demand. From assembling these entities into larger supracolloidal structures, novel functionalities such as anisotropic transport or enhanced optical properties can emerge. Using electromagnetic simulations to predict the emerging properties of the supracolloidal structures, we are bridging the gap between theory, microscopic- and macroscopic properties and applications in model devices used for sensing, (opto-) electronics, and energy. We focus on green chemistry synthetic routes to prepare the nanohybrid materials and model devices. Various advanced correlative characterization techniques, including electron microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, dark field microscopy, and time-resolved spectroscopy, can provide a wholistic description of the material properties.

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