Nanostructured Materials

Dr. Petra Uhlmann

+49 351 4658 236 +49 351 4658 281

Janett Forkel

+49 351 4658 326 +49 351 4658 281

The engineering of nanostructures at interfaces and in thin films by using different approaches (from self organization and self assembly down to single molecule manipulation) is in the focus of our work. We are interested in the fundamental investigation of structure, dynamics and interaction leading to the formation of nanostructures by using physico-chemical methods and polymer physical approaches together with a comprehensive combination of advanced characterization techniques. The understanding of structure-property relations is used to tailor and control the functionality of the produced nanostructured interfaces and thin films for prospective applications, as sensors, organic displays or solar cells, in nano electronics, batteries, membranes or intelligent and stimuli responsive coatings and 3D objects. Furthermore we are interested in control, manipulation and fundamental investigation of interfacial interactions and activity of nanostructured interfaces and thin films.