Introduction to the physics of soft condensed matter

Responsible: Prof. Jens-Uwe Sommer

Hours per week (3 + 1)

Einführungsvorlesung zur Vertiefung Bachelor/Master

Language: English


  • Principles of phase transitions: Thermodynamic and statistical concepts, Landau-theory, Mean-field theory

  • Liquid crystals: Order parameter and mesophases, Models for the isotropic/nematic transition, Elastic properties, External fields

  • Polymers: Chain models, Self-similarity and scaling, Mean-field concepts,Specific polymer systems, Dynamics, Charged systems

  • Selected problems of biological physics

Recommended literature:
P.M. Chaikin and T.C. Lubensky “Principles of condensed matter physics”

Prof. Dr. Jens-Uwe Sommer
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