Process-controlled structural materials

Research on process-controlled structure formation in polymer materials and composites along the entire process chain from material synthesis to component production

Production, compounding and molding, as well as functionalization, are increasingly integrated into a consistent process chain. This is the basis for the enhanced technical performance and high economic efficiency of components made of polymer materials and material compounds. In order to further exploit the potential of new polymer materials and to utilize them for new applications and requirements, fundamental natural science, materials science, materials technology and engineering expertise are being linked in an interdisciplinary manner. This provides an extensive understanding of the entire process chain - from the molecule to the component - which is comprehensively simulated by using numerical methods of integrative simulation. Thus, a new basis is obtained for the systematic design and further development of materials and processing methods, especially for multi-functional polymer materials and polymer composites for extreme lightweight design in various technical areas. This also applies to technologies for processing bio-based polymers and recycled materials. In addition to the process chains of large-scale production, research is also more and more focusing on the processes of additive manufacturing, which are used to create highly individualized and tailored products in terms of geometry and materials.

Prof. Dr. Markus Stommel,
Prof. Dr. Sven Wießner, Prof. Dr. Andreas Fery, Prof. Dr. Brigitte Voit