Authors Müller-Buschbaum, P. ; Stamm, M.
Title Film thickness dependence of the domain size in weakly incompatible thin polymer blend films
Date 11.04.2001
Number 9866
Abstract The surface morphology of thin polymer blend films of deuterated polystyrene (dPS) and polyparamethylstyrene (PpMS) is investigated with scanning force microscopy (SFM) and optical microscopy. From a statistical analysis of the data the most prominent in-plane length picturing the domain size as a function of the blend film thickness is determined. In ultra-thin films surface patterns directly after preparation are absent, whereas for thicker films a linear dependence is observed. After a relaxation towards equilibrium, resulting from annealing or storage under toluene vapor, the power law observed changes for ultra-thin films and remains unchanged for thicker films.
Publisher Colloid and Polymer Science
Citation Colloid and Polymer Science 279 (2001) 376-381
Tags scanning force microscopy thin films polymer blends spinodal decomposition phase-separation glass-transition morphology

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