Authors Schmack, G. ; Jehnichen, D. ; Vogel, R. ; Tändler, B. ; Beyreuther, R. ; Jacobsen, S. ; Fritz, H.-G.
Title Biodegradable fibres spun from poly(lactide) generated by reactive extrusion
Date 18.05.2001
Number 9728
Abstract Poly(lactide) (PLA) was spun both in a high speed spinning process with take-up velocities of 1000&#x2013;5000 m min<sup>&#x2212;1</sup> and in a spin drawing process at draw ratios of 4&#x2013;6. The effect of the melt spinning conditions on the development of the structural hierarchy in the fibres and the relations to the textile physical properties were investigated. The PLA fibres were characterised with regard to the degree of crystallinity by DSC and WAXS, the orientation by WAXS and bire<br />fringence, and the stress&#x2013;strain behaviour. The maximum physical break stress and the E-modulus observed in the spin drawn fibres were about 490 MPa and 6.3 GPa, respectively, at an elongation at break of 30%. The PLA was a copolymer of <img src="" alt="Image" align="absbottom" border="0" height=10 width=9>-lactide (92 wt.%) and meso-lactide (8 wt.%) and was generated by reactive extrusion polymerisation. The PLA virgin pellets were analysed regarding their degradation during the spinning processes. Their thermal and rheological properties were determined by DSC and dynamic rheological measurements, respectively, to derive suitable parameters for the melt spinning processes.
Publisher Journal of Biotechnology
Citation Journal of Biotechnology 86 (2001) 151-160

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