Authors Zhandarov, S. ; Pisanova, E. ; Mäder, E. ; Nairn, J.A.
Title Investigation of load transfer between the fiber and the matrix in pull-out tests with fibers having different diameters
Date 11.04.2001
Number 9555
Abstract Single-fiber pull-out tests were used for investigation of the interfacial bond strength or toughness and load transfer between polymeric matrices and glass fibers having different diameters. The interfacial bond strength was well characterized by an ultimate interfacial shear strength (&#964;<SUB>ult</SUB>) whose values were nearly independent of the fiber diameter. The same experiments were also analyzed by fracture mechanics methods to determine the interfacial toughness (G<SUB>ic</SUB>). The critical energy release rate (G<SUB>ic</SUB>) was a good material property for constant fiber diameter, but G<SUB>ic</SUB> for initiation of debonding typically became smaller as the fiber diameter became larger. It was also possible to measure an effective shear-lag parameter, &#946;, characterizing the load transfer efficiency between the fiber and the matrix. &#946; decreased considerably with the fiber radius; this decrease scaled roughly as expected from elasticity theory. The measured results for &#946; were used to calculate the radius of matrix material surrounding the fiber that was significantly affected by the presence of the fiber. The ratio of this radius to the fiber radius (R<SUB>m</SUB>/<I>r</I><SUB>f</SUB>) was a function of the fiber diameter.
Publisher Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology
Citation Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology 15 (2001) 205-222

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