Title Polyesters with Semifluorinated Side Chains: A Proposal for the Solid-State Structure
Date 20.09.2000
Number 8195
Abstract A proposal for the solid-state structure of poly(p-phenylene isophthalate) with oxydecylperfluorodecyl side chains is presented, which was calculated by the new Rietveld refinement program BGMN(R). A triclinic unit cell with alpha = 0.575 am, b = 4.06 nm, c = 2.1 nm, alpha = 91.2 degrees, beta = 85.7 degrees, and gamma = 66.1 degrees was obtained using space group symmetry P (1) over bar (No. 2) with Z = 2. All fractional atom coordinates, reflections and structure factors F were determined. The results show that highly occupied netplanes lie in plane and perpendicularly to the side chains. It may be supposed that these net planes will form the low-energy surface of the polymer. (C) 2000 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Publisher Journal of Polymer Science. B, Polymer Physics
Identifier 13
Citation Journal of Polymer Science. B, Polymer Physics 38 (2000) 1617-1625
Authors Friedel, P. ; Pospiech, D. ; Jehnichen, D. ; Bergmann, J. ; Ober, C.K.
Tags semifluorinated side chain polyester molecular modeling rietveld refinement low energy net planes liquid-crystalline copolyesters

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