Authors Uhlmann, P. ; Grundke, K.
Title Influence of Additives on Interfacial Phenomena During Film Formation of Powder Coatings
Date 20.04.2001
Number 8146
Abstract Film formation of powder coatings is illuminated from a physico-chemical point of view. Significant parameters influencing the film formation of powder coatings are surface (wetting) tension and viscosity of the polymer melt formed during the film formation process. A newly developed measuring device for the investigation of wetting at elevated temperatures is presented. This device allows systematic investigations of the temperature dependence of the wetting tension of powder coating binder systems. By combining analytical and surface tension measurements, it is possible to gain new information about the mechanism of action of additives in these melts.
Publisher Journal of Coatings Technology
Citation Journal of Coatings Technology 73 (2001) 59-65
Tags coating material powder paint film formation interface properties adjuvant surface properties rheological properties surface tension viscosity experimental study surface-tension contact-angle behavior viscosity rheology

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