Title Influence of mosaic pattern on hygrothermally-aged filament wound composite cylinders under axial compression
Date 21.01.2020
Number 58223
Abstract The mechanical response of composite structures may be affected by harsh environments, particularly when the matrix has a major contribution, e.g. with off-axis plies. This study aims at investigating the influence of the winding pattern on the axial compressive behavior of filament wound composite cylinder under hygrothermal conditioning. Carbon fiber-reinforced epoxy cylinders were manufactured via filament winding with 1/1, 3/1, and 5/1 mosaic winding patterns and submitted to distilled and artificial seawater environmental conditioning. Water uptake for each hygrothermal conditioning was periodically monitored. The winding pattern influenced both compressive strength and stiffness, and the environmental conditioning decreased strength up to ˜10%. The winding pattern with three diamonds around the circumference of the cylinders provides the properties in term of compressive strength and stiffness.
Publisher Journal of Composite Materials
Citation Journal of Composite Materials (2020) online first
Authors Azevedo, C.B. ; Almeida Jr., J.H.S. ; Flores, H.F. ; Eggers, F. ; Amico, S. C.

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