Title Thermal analysis of aliphatic polyester blends with natural antioxidants
Date 02.01.2020
Number 58106
Abstract The aim of this research was to enhance thermal stability of aliphatic polyester blends via incorporation of selected natural antioxidants of plant origin. Thermal methods of analysis, including differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and thermogravimetry (TGA), are significant tools for estimating the stabilization effect of polyphenols in a polymer matrix. Thermal stability was determined by analyzing thermogravimetric curves. Polymers with selected antioxidants degraded more slowly with rising temperature in comparison to reference samples without additives. This property was also confirmed by results obtained from differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), where the difference between the oxidation temperatures of pure material and polymer with natural stabilizers was observed. According to the results, the materials with selected antioxidants, including trans-chalcone, flavone and lignin have higher oxidation temperature than the pure ones, which confirms that chosen phytochemicals protect polymers from oxidation. Moreover, based on the colour change results or FT-IR spectra analysis, some of the selected antioxidants, including lignin and trans-chalcone, can be utilized as colorants or aging indicators. Taking into account the data obtained, naturally occurring antioxidants, including polyphenols, can be applied as versatile pro-ecological additives for biodegradable and bio-based aliphatic polyesters to obtain fully environmentally friendly materials dedicated for packaging industry.
Publisher Polymers
Citation Polymers 12 (2020) 74
Authors Olejnik, O. ; Masek, A. ; Kiersnowski, A.
Tags polymer blends natural stabilizers phytochemicals

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