Title Cradle-to-cradle approach to waste tyres and development of silica based green tyre composites
Date 01.03.2020
Number 57921
Abstract This work is about simultaneous devulcanization and chemical functionalisation of waste styrene butadiene rubber vulcanizate (SBR) using thermo-mechanical treatment and sulphide based multifunctional devulcanizing agent. The as-grown compounds are reinforced with nano-silica and re-vulcanized to prepare rubber composites. The curing and processing characteristics, and mechanical performance are further compared with those of conventional silica based green tire formulations. The extent and quality of devulcanized rubber are monitored through the measurement of sol content, inherent viscosity of sol fraction, cross-link density and degree of devulcanization as a function of cross-link density. By our method based on restoring the curing and other processing parameters, the revulcanized composites offer ~11 MPa tensile strength, ~26 MPa tear strength together with elongation at break value as much as 450 %. Such values are comparable with those of the composites consisting of the associated fresh components of the systems. Surprisingly, the higher storage modulus and lower of SBR-devulcanized SBR-silica composite as compared with standard counterpart sample (SBR-silica composite) confirms magnificent dynamic mechanical performance of the composites. This work may pave a new route for reuse of waste tyre in tyre production.
Publisher Recources, Conservation and Recycling
Citation Recources, Conservation and Recycling 154 (2020) 104629
Authors Ghosh, J. ; Hait, S. ; Ghorai, S. ; Mondal, D. ; Wießner, S. ; Das, A. ; De, D.

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