Title Messanlage zur Untersuchung des Seebeck-Effektes in Polymermaterialien
Date 17.12.2019
Number 57231
Abstract The thermoelectric effect named after the physicist Thomas Johann Seebeck has been investigated sufficiently well for all technically relevant metals and has been used for a long time, among other things, for temperature measurement by means of thermocouples. Less well known and researched is the Seebeck effect in polymer materials, which are gaining increasing influence in the sensor industry today. This article describes a measuring system designed specifically to study the Seebeck effect in polymeric samples with the aim of developing tailored polymers for sensory engineering applications using the Seebeck effect. The special requirement of the measuring system is the realization of constant accurate temperature sources.
Publisher Technisches Messen
Citation Technisches Messen 87 (2019) -
Authors Jenschke, W. ; Ulrich, M. ; Krause, B. ; Pötschke, P.

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