Title Adhesion, friction and viscoelastic properties for non-aged and aged Styrene Butadiene rubber
Date 01.05.2018
Number 54824
Abstract We study adhesion and friction between smooth glass, and fresh and aged Styrene Butadiene – Isoprene rubber blend (SBR-IR). The friction and adhesion are only slightly modified by the aging process, but elongation at break, and rubber toughness, are strongly reduced. We attribute this to changes in the crosslink density, a decrease in the filler matrix strength, and to the formation and growth of crack-like defects. The latter have a small influence on adhesion and friction, but a large effect on the elongation at break.
Publisher Tribology International
Citation Tribology International 121 (2018) 78-83
Authors Rodriguez, N. ; Dorogin, L. ; Chew, K. T. ; Persson, B.N.J.

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