Title Tuning properties and morphology in high vinyl content SBS block copolymer, a thermoplastic elastomer via thiol-ene modification
Date 08.09.2017
Number 53708
Abstract Thiol-ene modification of high vinyl content thermoplastic elastomeric styrene butadiene styrene (SBS) block copolymer (BCP) was carried out using different thiolating agents in toluene at 70 °C. 1H NMR analysis confirmed the participation of vinyl double bond in the thiol-ene modification reaction of SBS. Surface morphology of the block copolymers evaluated by atomic force microscopy analysis showed higher roughness after the thiol-ene reaction. The thiol-modified SBS block copolymer showed better adhesion strength and oil resistance properties than the pristine SBS.
Publisher Rubber Chemistry and Technology
Identifier 0
Citation Rubber Chemistry and Technology 90 (2017) 550-561
Authors Mandal, P. ; Ponnupandian, S. ; Choudhury, S. ; Singha, N. K.

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