Title Structural and energetic properties of La3+ in water/DMSO mixtures
Date 15.11.2017
Number 53607
Abstract By using molecular dynamics based on a custom polarizable force field, we have studied the solvation of La3+ in an equimolar mixture of dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) with water. An extended structural analysis has been performed to provide a complete picture of the physical properties at the basis of the interaction of La3+ with both solvents. Through our simulations we found that, very likely, the first solvation shell in the mixture is not unlike the one found in pure water or pure DMSO and contains 9 solvent molecules. We have also found that the solvation is preferentially due to DMSO molecules with the water initially present in first shell quickly leaving to the bulk. The dehydration process of the first shell has been analyzed by both plain MD simulations and a constrained dynamics approach; the free energy profiles for the extraction of water from first shell have also been computed.
Publisher Journal of Molecular Structure
Identifier 0
Citation Journal of Molecular Structure 1148 (2017) 381-387
Authors Montagna, M. ; Spezia, R. ; Bodo, E.

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