Title Hybrid nanostructured materials for advanced lithium batteries
Hybrid Nanomaterials: Advances in Energy, Environment, and Polymer Nanocomposites, Srivastava, SK; Mittal, V, ed.
Date 27.07.2017
Number 53545
Abstract A hybrid material is defined as a material composed of an intimate mixture of inorganic components, organic components, or both types of components. In the last few years, a tremendous amount of attention has been given towards the development of materials for efficient energy harvesting; nanostructured hybrid materials have also been gaining significant advances to provide pollutant free drinking water, sensing of environmental pollutants, energy storage and conservation. Separately, intensive work on high performing polymer nanocomposites for applications in the automotive, aerospace and construction industries has been carried out, but the aggregation of many fillers, such as clay, LDH, CNT, graphene, represented a major barrier in their development. Only very recently has this problem been overcome by fabrication and applications of 3D hybrid nanomaterials as nanofillers in a variety of polymers. <br /><br />Hybrid Nanomaterials: Advances in Energy, Environment and Polymer Nanocomposites<br />ISBN 978-1-119-16034-2
Publisher Wiley
Identifier 0
Citation Wiley (2017) Chapter 2, 1-78
Authors Choudhury, S. ; Stamm, M.

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