Title Role of preload in adhesion of rough surfaces
Date 30.06.2017
Number 53325
Abstract Adhesion between glass and bromobutyl and polydimethylsiloxane elastomers is investigated. We show that viscoelastic energy dissipation close to the opening (or closing) crack tip, and surface roughness, strongly affect the work of adhesion. We observe strong adhesion hysteresis and we show, in contrast to the Johnson-Kendall-Roberts theory prediction for elastic solids, that this results in a pull-off force, and effective work of adhesion to be dependent on the maximum loading force.
Publisher Physical Review Letters
Identifier 0
Citation Physical Review Letters 118 (2017) ID238001
Authors Dorogin, L. ; Tiwari, A. ; Rotella, C. ; Mangiagalli, P. ; Persson, B.N.J.

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