Title Solid-state 31P and 1H chemical MR micro-imaging of hard tissues and biomaterials with magic angle spinning at very high magnetic field
Date 15.08.2017
Number 53065
Abstract In this work, we show that it is possible to overcome the limitations of solid-state MRI for rigid tissues due to large line broadening and short dephasing times by combining Magic Angle Spinning (MAS) with rotating pulsed field gradients. This allows recording ex vivo 31P 3D and 2D slice-selected images of rigid tissues and related biomaterials at very high magnetic field, with greatly improved signal to noise ratio and spatial resolution when compared to static conditions. Cross-polarization is employed to enhance contrast and to further depict spatially localized chemical variations in reduced experimental time. In these materials, very high magnetic field and moderate MAS spinning rate directly provide high spectral resolution and enable the use of frequency selective excitation schemes for chemically selective imaging. These new possibilities are exemplified with experiments probing selectively the 3D spatial distribution of apatitic hydroxyl protons inside a mouse tooth with attached jaw bone with a nominal isotropic resolution nearing 100·µm.
Publisher Scientific Reports
Identifier 0
Citation Scientific Reports 7 (2017) ID8224
Authors Yon, M. ; Sarou-Kanian, V. ; Scheler, U. ; Bouchler, J. M. ; Bujoli, B. ; Massiot, D. ; Fayon, F.

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